Overview of Mechanical College

Mechanical college was founded in 1953, formerly known as the mechanical manufacturing department of Shanghai Electrical Industry School. The college has four undergraduate majors of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, vehicle engineering and Automobile Service Engineering, and was approved as Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering in 2018. Among them, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is the national characteristic specialty construction point, the excellent engineer program project of the Ministry of education and the first-class specialty construction point in Shanghai, mechanical and electronic engineering is the first batch of applied undergraduate pilot majors in Shanghai and the first-class specialty construction point in Shanghai, Automobile Service Engineering is the applied undergraduate pilot specialty in Shanghai. Digital design and manufacturing technology curriculum group and mechanical innovative design curriculum group are listed as Shanghai teaching teams. Mechanical engineering discipline is the peak discipline of the University, the key discipline of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the plateau discipline of Shanghai. It has a Shanghai knowledge service platform industry university research cooperation center of large casting and forging manufacturing technology with the College of materials. The college has about 1800 undergraduates and 124 postgraduates.

The college has strong teachers and reasonable echelon structure. The college has 109 teachers, including 13 professors and 41 associate senior titles. Teachers with senior titles or above account for about 51% of the total number of full-time teachers. There are 61 teachers with doctoral degrees. Young and middle-aged teachers with higher degrees constitute the main body of the teaching team, forming a teaching and scientific research team with high professional level and good scientific research quality.

The college strengthens the reform of talent training mode, pays attention to teaching reform and research, actively carries out the education and training plan for outstanding engineers, CDIO education reform pilot, and establishes the experimental area for talent training mode reform of technical undergraduate colleges, so as to effectively promote the improvement of talent training quality and education and teaching level. Two excellent courses in Shanghai have been completed; 6 key construction courses in Shanghai; Editor in chief of mechanical design and other teaching materials. Grinding a sword in ten years - Exploration and practice of innovation ability training of mechanical undergraduates based on project driven and reform and practice of training mode of mechanical professional and technical undergraduates based on industry university research interaction won the first prize of Shanghai teaching achievement award, participated in the project, won 2 Shanghai teaching achievement awards, and published more than 50 teaching research papers.

The college attaches importance to scientific research. In recent years, teachers have undertaken projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, subprojects of key projects of the 863 plan, projects of the national science and technology support plan of the eleventh five year plan, and nearly 100 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects such as the Shanghai Natural Science Foundation. Development and engineering application of super large forgings for the main equipment of large advanced PWR nuclear power island won the first prize of Shanghai Science and technology progress award, research and application of key technologies of open CNC software and hardware system and research and application of key technologies of ultra supercritical power generation equipment materials won the second prize of Shanghai Science and technology progress award Development and application of multi process near net forging process and die design software won the third prize of science and technology of China machinery industry.The college implements the school's three pairs and four altogether initiative and adheres to the deep integration of industry, University and research. Employ enterprise experts as the enterprise president of the College of machinery, and jointly build disciplines, teachers and bases with enterprises.

The college has built an industry university research cooperation platform, jointly approved the national engineering practice education center with Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., jointly built the Shanghai University demonstration off campus practice base with Shanghai electric heavy industry group, and jointly built the Research Institute of manufacturing technology application of large castings and forgings with Shanghai Heavy Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.The college pays attention to the cultivation of College Students' technology application ability, It has established a mechanical design engineer (Trainee) education and training center and a SolidWorks Authorized Education and training base to provide favorable conditions for the cultivation of College Students' technical ability and enhance their employment competitiveness.

The college pays attention to the cultivation of College Students' technical innovation ability, and won one gold award and two bronze Awards of the national Challenge Cup for college students and the national Xiaoping scientific and technological innovation team for college students Honorary title, won the May 4th youth Medal of Shanghai, won more than 100 awards in various national and Shanghai competitions, and won more than 120 funded projects of Shanghai University Students' scientific and technological innovation activity plan; Students have authorized more than 370 patents, including more than 70 invention patents and 35 academic research papers. The excellent innovative spirit and practical ability of undergraduates participating in scientific and technological innovation activities are highly praised by employers, and the employment rate of college students has always remained above 98%.


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